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YouTube. Take it or Leave it

YouTube is not your friend and it isn’t your marketing partner either. The great thing about YouTube is that you can find almost anything there. The bad news is that the chance that someone will actually stumble onto your video and initiate a tsunami of interest, that would explode into a viral video, making you an overnight celebrity are practically non-existent. Dream on.

What’s far more likely to happen is that those who are attracted to your music will find it on YouTube, listen to it there and never make it to your website, the one place where you want them the most. The one place where you go out on the first date and find out if there is more to the relationship than a brief encounter. Music today is all about relationship building, sometimes one fan at a time when you’re starting out.

YouTube has basically done you a favor, they’ve spelled it out in no uncertain terms. They’re basically saying “you need us, we don’t need you”. To them it’s a numbers game, to you its’ your life’s work. And isn’t that what tech has been saying to you for over a decade? First by Google allowing pirate sites to trash your music, until it was worth what they were willing to pay for it.

You believed you were forging a partnership, when in reality you were being manipulated by the smartest guys in the room. Unfortunately, none of them understand the music business, nor do they have any interest in learning about it. They’ve been selling advertising, not music. You’re just the bait, not the catch. You are lost in a vast warehouse called the Internet.

Yes, the music business is broken and only you, the artist, can fix it. You start by believing what you create has value and you refuse to take a bad deal. Because until you tell them NO, they will continue to abuse you.

Take it down, take it all down. Because scarcity is the new marketing strategy. You’re better off with 500 fans who are willing to pay you, than 5,000 fans who are willing to play you.