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Programs for Performing Arts Students:



Inform and enlighten performing arts students to the financial impact online piracy is having on working artists and the impact it will have on their careers.

The Southeast Florida Education Community embraces the arts with numerous magnet, private schools and colleges featuring curriculums that focus on the training and education of young adults in film, theater, music, photography and other careers as creators. These schools provide access to the very students who have the most to gain in transforming the way their peers perceive online piracy and how it will impact them as working artists.

Empowering Creative Stakeholders to become Advocates:

Performing arts students, working toward a career in the arts, are motivated to learn about finding solutions to the challenges they face from online piracy. These students, for the most part, will be receptive to learning about how they can positively influence their peers in becoming supporters of them and their work.

These students, with a desire to pursue a career in the arts, hold the key to transforming the next generation; a generation that may have a clearer, more realistic understanding of online piracy and its’ impact on the individual. This demographic is highly receptive to peer to peer interaction and students pursuing a career in the arts will be naturally predisposed and motivated to discuss their concerns about piracy with their peers.

Here’s an example of what that conversation might look like:

“As artists, we want to thank our fans for all your support.  We know these have been confusing times and when you want to listen to or watch our work online you have choices. We create our music and our films and our books to share with others and it is also how we earn a living.  We do it because we are inspired by creativity and we are grateful for the gift of making something that touches and inspires others.

Being an artist takes time and energy and it isn’t always easy.  Most artists make a modest living from their work, so your contribution is really important to our ability to keep creating.

So the next time a piece of art or music or a story moves you, or moves you to talk about it with your friends, think about who created that work and how much your support will mean to them.”

Andie Grace