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“Historically, it’s taken brave actors standing up for unpopular positions to effect positive change in America.  It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this chapter in the long battle for creators’ rights – this time against digital platforms that, like their predecessors, enrich themselves at the expense of creators – is going to be a historic one that will require similarly brave voices to Sam’s. . . .

Sadly, because of the fragile nature of the livelihoods of artists and indie labels it’s terribly risky for them to speak up publicly about about their feelings and the real effect of piracy.  Better to bleed slowly than jab a dagger into my own heart would be an appropriate metaphor.

The mob mentality and anger that is visited upon those who do speak up has resulted in voices who could be beneficial to this conversation to go silent to the detriment of the entire debate.

Think I’m wrong?

Ever wonder why the overwhelming majority of your favorite artists and indie labels remain mum on the subject publicly except those who are taking the popular position?

Don’t you think it’s telling that when a list of artists appear on a petition against anti-piracy legislation it’s such a relatively short list?

We’ve only been hearing from one side for too long now while excoriating the few who dare to differ and that has hurt our ability to find a way forward.  For only when you truly listen and respect an opinion different from your own can you begin to have a real conversation about how best to move forward.”

** Sam is Sam Rosenthal owner of Projekt Records, a friend and ally of FarePlay.

Artists’ Digital Rights

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Artists’ Digital Rights

We believe the creative community has been silent for too long and they need to be actively involved in speaking out in their opposition to online piracy.

We believe that if we don’t take a stand for artists rights, the quality of music and film will deteriorate and truly talented artists will be deprived of the opportunity to create great work.

We believe that for many in the creative community, the silence comes from a fear of being attacked by a small but highly vocal group of individuals who believe they have every right of free access to everything that can be copied, digitized and distributed over the internet, including all copyrighted material.

Our mission is to create a safe haven; a global online community where artists can communicate and connect directly with their fans about the human hardships that are created when people aren’t compensated for their work.

Because at the end of the day, as working people, where is the legitimacy of criticizing someone for just wanting to get paid for their work? Why should a musician, filmmaker or an author be treated differently than any other hard working individual? In our society we call this equality.

We believe that artists have the right to determine what happens to their work. We believe that producing great art is a career not a part time job. We believe that “everyone” should be compensated for their work.

We believe that the proponents of illegal downloading have owned the conversation in social media for too long and have misled an entire generation into believing that illegal downloading is a victimless crime and that technology has created the right for people to take whatever they want… because they can.

We call on the creative community to communicate with their fans and let them know how important their support is to their future and the future of music and film.

Join us and let us make sure your voice is heard.


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An Open Letter

Question Technology

What started as a simple way to share music and video with friends has morphed into illegal downloading, a billion dollar-a-year international criminal enterprise, responsible for eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, eradicating the earning power of artists and diminishing our once vibrant diversity of arts in American Culture.

Equally as disturbing, I’ve found a creative community that has failed to engage the problem out of fear of recrimination from a small band of illegal file-sharing proponents.

The challenge is clear. We need to enroll and empower the creative community in this battle and we need to do it from a place of understanding and enlightenment; starting with a conversation grounded in personal stories about working class people who deserve to get paid for their work, just like everyone else.

The message isn’t about stealing or shop lifting, it is a message about broken dreams and survival. It is about connecting with friends and fans through social media and letting them know about the value of their support.


William Buckley, Jr.   Founder / President  FarePlay