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Protect Artists Not Piracy

A Congressional Subcommittee is currently reviewing copyright legislation and will begin recommending changes to existing laws later this year.

It is the first time since 1976 that a comprehensive review of all copyright legislation has been conducted by a Congressional Subcommittee and a rare opportunity for creatives to be heard and have an impact on future legislation that directly effects their lives.

Take Down and Stay Down 

Internet piracy continues to be a serious problem, eliminating hundreds-of-thousands of jobs and draining over a hundred billion dollars from our economy over the past fifteen years.

Since 1999 infringing websites have been abusing the Safe Harbor protection provided in Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to avoid prosecution and make available the work of copyright holders without their permission or compensation.  Today, under Section 512, infringing websites can simply comply with take down notices by removing the link to the content listed in the notice then simply repost the same content using a different url and not be in violation of copyright law.

Last year alone, over 345 million take down notices were filed with little or no impact on the amount of infringing content readily available on the Internet. Section 512 was never intended to have this unwanted consequence.

The legislation was enacted the year before Napster opened the door to free file sharing which quickly mushroomed into a global epidemic of internet piracy.

We propose petitioning Congress to revise the existing legislation to incorporate a stay down provision in Section 512 of the DCMA.   Failure to comply with take down and stay down notifications will place the owners and operators of infringing websites in violation of the law.

Artists not only owe it to themselves, but future generations of creators to support changes to our existing Take Down provision.

Photo Credit: iStock © LindaMarieB